Builder Report

All of us know that the home building market is volatile and subject to the whims of our economic environment. That is why it is important to stay well informed. Good information will help protect your investments. This is like the farmer who studies the weather to decide when to plant and when to harvest. Now the Oklahoma City metro area home building industry has a weather man too - The Builder Report.

Each month we'll let you know how the market compares to last year, what areas of the city are waxing and waning, what size of house is showing the greatest gain, what cost ranges are increasing and decreasing in number of starts, and what are the top 20 subdivisions and who are the top 20 builders. Then we'll list all of the subdivisions with starts for the month and all of the builders with their starts. You will know who is building where and how many, with the average square footage for all houses started in that subdivision.

Considering what it will save you and the $$$ it will make you, the cost for this valuable information is very small - only $30 per month.

Contact us to get started receiving your copies of The Builder Report. Let's make this your best year ever!