Retirement Project News

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Retirement Project News is your direct route to more sales, market analysis info, and projects to purchase or finance.

Now more than ever you need sales leads. Tap into a $10 billion industry. With this inside information you can win more contracts, land more accounts and make more sales. You'll get all the facts you need for efficient sales planning: who to write, call or visit. Email and web info is included.

Each monthly issue is packed with info on new construction and these are prime prospects for you. We have reported over 1100 brand new projects in the last 12 months - that's an average of 90 brand new never-been-reported projects each and every month! Nowhere on this earth will you find such high quality leads at a price anywhere close to ours at roughly $3.50 per lead (compare to approximately $25.00 per lead for Dodge). Only one sale and you have more than justified your subscription for a whole year - maybe several years! Retirement Project News tells you who to write, call, email or visit. Read Retirement Project News and boost your sales and profits.

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