Walker's Weekly Construction News

With a hard working lead getting list at work for you, just watch your sales soar!

Now more than ever you need sales leads. With this inside information you can win more contracts, land more accounts and make more sales. You'll get all the facts you need for efficient sales planning: who to write, call or visit.

Each weekly issue is packed with info on new construction, add-ons, conversions and more. They're prime prospects for you. No binding annual contracts - just a simple monthly invoice because we know you'll like it and will want to keep it. The "other guys" in town won't report a project unless it's over $50,000, but we start at $5,000 - that's a great big difference. Last year over 100 brand new homes and add-ons were reported by us but not them! In addition - for free, each month - we'll list the liens filed so you can avoid selling to those who aren't paying their bills. Read Walker's Weekly and boost your sales and profits.

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